Why masonry?

Code Compliance: why masonry construction can help deliver zero-carbon housing

Bricklayer working with blocks - 16 February 2009

While zero-carbon housing is undoubtedly a major challenge.  The Tarmac Homes initiative aims to demonstrate that the highest levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) are achievable now by using existing, traditional and readily available masonry products and techniques.

Masonry products and techniques offer the following benefits:

1. Whole-life thermal performance

2. Readily available, locally sourced

3. Delivering energy efficiency

4. Recyclable

Build site from above on 18 February 2009
5. Sound insulation

6. Health and well-being

7. Flexibility on site and adaptability of buildings

8. Eco friendly buildings built to last

9. Solid and secure

10. Increased workability and reduced waste

11. Cost - effective solutions during build and occupany

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Did you know?

Fact 6

With pressure from clients, specifiers and environmentalists to account for all stages in the life cycle of construction products, the masonry industry is moving forward on responsible sourcing and addressing the issue of sustainable procurement.  There is a certified chain of custody scheme.  This will mean that sustainably-produced products can gain ‘responsibly sourced materials credits’, which are set to become commonly used in the construction industry. 

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