The Benefits of Masonry Construction

1. Whole-life thermal performance
According to independent research undertaken by the Concrete Centre and Arup Research + Development, masonry homes that take advantage of their inherent thermal mass can save more energy over a whole-life cycle than lightweight timberframe homes. With climate change predictions pointing towards a future hotter climate, high thermal mass found in masonry homes will play an increasing role in helping to maintain consistent internal temperatures in properties throughout the year. Read more......

2. Readily available, locally sourced
Masonry products are readily available, locally sourced within the UK and therefore do not incur the significant ‘carbon construction miles’ potentially generated by importing timber. Additional points are obtainable under the 'responsible sourcing' element of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

3. Delivering energy efficiency
Masonry products can outperform current regulation requirements and many products are given 'A' ratings within the Green Guide.

4. Recyclable
A lot of Tarmac's products contain either recycled, secondary or by-product materials. Some products may contain a combination of these materials. Products can be recycled at the end of a building's life.

5. Sound insulation
Masonry products can be used as part of a solution which exceeds the requirements of Part E (sound insulation) for separating walls. Approved Robust Detail constructions give established performance at least 5dB above Part E.

6. Health and well-being
The flexibility of design that is possible with masonry construction allows positioning of windows to take optimum advantage of natural daylight (and views of the sky) as required in EcoHomes and the Code.

7. Flexibility on site and adaptability of buildings
Both during construction and after the build is complete, builders and occupants can benefit from the flexibility that our masonry solutions bring, e.g. homes can be easily extended or altered.

8. Built to last
Track records show that masonry homes often last several centuries, ideal for the high level of housing stock needed for the forthcoming years.

9. Solid and secure
The robust nature of the material gives confidence in the security of the building and long-term structural integrity.

10. Increased workability and reduced waste. 
Products within Tarmac's range can be easily cut on site with hand tools - this means that off cuts can be re-used, therefore minimising waste.

11. Cost-effective solutions during build and occupancy

The use of masonry remains a cost-effective solution and is very competitive against alternative methods of building. Traditional masonry provides a construction method that is virtually maintenance free.

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