2016 Legislative Timeline

The Code for Sustainable Homes was first published in December 2006 and only currently applies to England.  

A timetable for industry action
• From April 2008, Code Level 3 became mandatory for new social-housing developments
• 2010 all new private homes must comply with Code Level 3
• By 2016, the Government has stated that all new build homes must be zero carbon and therefore comply with Code Level 6
• The definition of zero-carbon and the role of carbon offsetting could potentially play is currently out as part of government consultation and clarification is expected in Summer 2009

The following diagram shows the legislative timeline.  In other words, at what point in time the next level of the Code will be introduced in order to reach zero carbon for new builds by 2016.

Image of 2016 legislative timeline for CfSH

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Did you know?

Fact 4

Over 60 years, a concrete and masonry home emits up to 15 tonnes less CO² than a lightweight alternative, so providing a better long term solution.  See more benefits of concrete in Why Masonry?