Week 9

6 March 2009


Week 9 has been good during the week with the concrete floor planks installed to the Code 6 property and TGI joists installed to the Code 4 property and brickworks have recommenced to the middle band on both properties.


The NHBC are carrying out Building Control and Warranty Inspections. The Inspector is visiting Site regularly intervals as per there key stage inspections requirements.

Last Visit – 6th March – superstructure inspection.

Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Forklift Driver – 1 (shared with another nearby Lovell scheme)
Tarmac Topfloor gang – 4
Crane Driver - 1
Joiners - 3
Bricklayers – 2


Products and Services installed this week

Tarmac Topfloor floor planks - Hollowcore - Code level 6 home 
TGI joists - Code level 4 first floor 

Photos from Week 9 of Build

Crash decking in place and mortar bed laid ready for floor planks to be installed to the Code 6 property.Floor plank being lowered into position on the Code 6 property.The floor planks being installed on the Code 6 property.Completed hollow core floor to the Code 6 property.The first TGI joists being installed on the Code 4 property.The joist being installed on the Sun Room to the Code 6 property.The joists installed on the Code 4 property.shows a view of the chipboard flooring being laid on the Code 4 property.shows a view of the party wall blockwork being built between the two properties.shows a view of the internal blockwork on the Code 4 property.

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Did you know?

Fact 14

Low embodied energy…

Like all concrete, during its lifetime Precast concrete will effectively re-absorb the equivalent amount of energy (carbon dioxide) that was used to create it I the first place! What’s more, using Precast doesn’t require any re-mineralisation (the process of rejuvenating barren soils after they have been intensely forested).

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