Week 7

Report date - 20 February 2009


Brick and blockwork has been built upto scaffold height and the first lift scaffold has been erected.

Delays actual / anticipated

No further delays have been reported.

Health, Safety & Environmental

Site accommodation is provided comprising of a site office / combined meeting room stacked on top of a combined canteen / toilet block with mains services connected. All statutory Notices are displayed.

Works continue to progress in line with the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan which will be updated as and when required.

Deliveries to site will be controlled with delivery instructions issued to all suppliers containing the site postcode, were possible all deliveries will be on rigid vehicles with a moffit forklift truck, larger deliveries will use the main road within the University grounds. A haulage road has been provided to the rear off the build area to allow access for material deliveries.

Waste segregation will be carried out mainly off site due to the compact nature of the area in which the Project is being constructed in, however all wastage from blocks are being put into Hippo bags and will be collected at the end of the project and recycled by Tarmac.


The NHBC are carrying out Building Control and Warranty Inspections. The Inspector will be visiting Site regularly as per there key stage inspections requirements.

Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Bricklayers - 2
Scaffolders - 3


Products and Services installed this week

Scaffolding supplied by Derwent Scaffold

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Fact 8

Concrete is acoustically versatile but also it can be moulded to any size, shape and texture.  It can be used to deflect or absorb noise.  This makes it a good acoustic host for music but also an effective sound barrier alongside busy roads.

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