Week 32

4 September 2009


Week 33 - 17 August

Roof tiler has tiled the code 6 porch. Nuaire have installed the ventilation systems to both properties. Groundworkers have started laying slabs to the rear patios on both homes and the side path to the code 6 home. Plumber installed gutter and rainwater pipes to both porches.

Week 34 – 24 August

Kitchen Appliances have been fitted in the code 4 home. Painters have touched up the emulsion on walls and ceilings following the plasterer fine filling some areas. The groundworkers have excavated and concreted the foundation for the pellet store, ducts containing the flow and return pipes to the boiler store have been laid into the foundation prior to the brickwork being built and the floor being concreted. The rainwater harvesting tank has being installed and the storm drainage has been connected to it. The renders have returned and completed the window reveals and small area adjacent the boiler store on the code 6 home.

Week 35 – 31 August

Kitchen Appliances have been fitted in the code 6 home. Joiners have assembled the pellet store and are constructing the housing around it. Groundworkers have completed the slabbing to the front and have started to install the gravel path which links to the David Wilson home and cycle store, service ducts for the electric and BT connections have been extended to allow connections to be made. 

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Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 2
Apprentice joiner - 1
Plumber - 1 
Electrician - 1
Painter - 1
Renderer - 3
Mastic - 1


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Fact 31

64% of people would like all waste heat (i.e.from lighting, water etc) recovered from the homeand used to heat hot water by 2050.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008