Week 32

14 August 2009


Renderer completed insulation to level 6 house and all beads now fixed. Electricians have temporary wired up both houses from supply which fed the site accommodation.

Internal mastic has been completed. The flue has been attached to the boiler.

Week 31 – 3 August

Both lofts have been insulated with 450mm of Knauf Loft Roll. Air tests were carried out, level 4 home achieved a 2.95 and level 6 achieved 2.21. These scores are higher than the requirement.

Week 32 – 10 August

Renderer sprayed on and rubbed down Monocouche Render to the level 6 home. Kitchen amendments were completed. Joiners have completed weatherboarding to the boilers store, erected the porch to the front of the level 6 house and installed the sun canopy. The plumber has completed the straps to the boiler flue and re fixed the rainwater pipes now the render has been completed.


Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 2
Apprentice joiner - 1
Plumber - 1 
Electrician - 1
Painter - 1
Renderer - 3
Mastic - 1

Considerate Constructors

The development is registered with the Considerate Constructor Scheme and signage is displayed. The first visit took place on 18 May.  34 points were awarded with a 5 in the Responsible category, with the monitor writing very positive comments regarding the scheme.   See more in Tarmac Home receives scores for high level beyond compliance.

The second visit took place on Monday 27 July 36 points were awarded with a 5 retained in the Responsible category and another 5 scored under the Environment heading plus improved scores in other category’s, again the monitor comments were very positive.  See more in Considerate Constructor Scheme says Tarmac Home is "An exceptionally good site".


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Fact 12

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Masonry concrete does not melt in high temperatures.  This means that there is no need for protective paints or special insulation – and finishes can be viewed just as the designer intended.

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