Week 30

31 July 2009


Stairs area in the levl 4 home

Painting has been completed in the code 4 home.  Plumbing has also been filled and domestic water supply tested in both homes.  The flue has been installed to the bio mass boiler.

Painting work has started in Code 6 home by emulsion being applied to walls and ceiling.  The undercoating woodwork will be starting soon.  

The electrician has completed the second fix to the code 6 home. 

Week 29 – 20 July

Renderer started on code 6 home by fixing Insulation.  Painting and deocrating has been completed decoration in the code 6 home.   Bio mass boiler flue and fitted shower screens to both homes.

Week 30 – 27 July 

The joiners fitted internal doors and ironmongery.  The rainwater harvesting tank has been delivered ready for Tarmac Dry porous asphalt system to be installed. 


Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 2
Apprentice joiner - 1
Plumber - 1 
Electrician - 2
Painter - 2
Renderer - 2

Considerate Constructors

The development is registered with the Considerate Constructor Scheme and signage is displayed. The first visit took place on 18 May.  34 points were awarded with a 5 in the Responsible category, with the monitor writing very positive comments regarding the scheme.   See more in Tarmac Home receives scores for high level beyond compliance.

The second monitor visit was carried out on 27 July.  See more in Considerate Constructor Scheme says Tarmac Home is "An exceptionally good site".


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Did you know?

Fact 7

With pressure from clients, specifiers and environmentalists to account for all stages in the life cycle of construction products, the masonry industry is moving forward on responsible sourcing and addressing the issue of sustainable procurement.  There is a certified chain of custody scheme.  This will mean that sustainably-produced products can gain ‘responsibly sourced materials credits’, which are set to become commonly used in the construction industry.

See the more information on the Code for Sustainable Homes