Week 26

26 June 2009



Sunroom on 4 June

Works are progressing well against the programme.

Week 23 – 8 June
Second air test carried out on Code 6 home, prior to plastering 2.19 achieved.  Plasterers commenced boarding the stud walls in the Code 6 plot.
In the Code 4 home the painter has applied a mist coat and the joiners have completed their second fix..

Week 24 – 15 June
In the Code 6 plot the plasterers have wet plastered and skimmed the entire first floor and started on the ground floor.
The plumbers and electricians have second fixed the Code 4 plot.

Week 25 – 22 June
Plasterers have completed the Code 6 property.  Scaffolders have erected a scaffold to allow the boiler store to be constructed.  Kitchens have been fitted in both the Code 4 and 6 properties.   Joiners have commenced second fixing the Code 6 property and it has also been mist coated by the painters.



Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 3
Plasterer - 2
Kitchen Fitters - 2
Plumber - 1 
Electrician - 1
Painters - 2

Safety Manager Visits / Audits

The NHBC are carrying out Building Control and Warranty Inspections. The Inspector is visiting Site regularly intervals as per there key Stage Inspections requirements.  The last visit was on 2 May, when the homes were at pre-plaster stage. The inspections to both properties showed no issues or defects.

Considerate Constructors

The development is registered with the Considerate Constructor Scheme and signage is displayed. The first visit took place on 18 May.  34 points were awarded with a 5 in the Responsible category, with the monitor writing very positive comments regarding the scheme.   See more in Tarmac Home receives scores for high level beyond compliance.

Products and Services installed this week

Kitchen ware


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Masonry concrete does not melt in high temperatures.  This means that there is no need for protective paints or special insulation – and finishes can be viewed just as the designer intended.

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