Week 4

Report date - 2nd February 2009
Works commenced on site on Monday 5th January 2009. 

- The retaining wall (that separates the Tarmac Homes and the E-On house next door) has been backfilled.
- The stone margin surrounding the plots has been completed ready for scaffolding.

That completes all substructure work (with the exception of the rainwater harvesting system which will be installed at a later date once the superstructure is completed).

Materials - blocks, facing bricks, insulation and brickwork sundries have been delivered ready to start superstructure brickwork, which due to the snow will be delayed until later in the week (weather permitting!).

Photos from Week 4 of Build

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Fact 7

With pressure from clients, specifiers and environmentalists to account for all stages in the life cycle of construction products, the masonry industry is moving forward on responsible sourcing and addressing the issue of sustainable procurement.  There is a certified chain of custody scheme.  This will mean that sustainably-produced products can gain ‘responsibly sourced materials credits’, which are set to become commonly used in the construction industry.

See the more information on the Code for Sustainable Homes