Week 2

Report date - 19th January 2009
Completed brickwork to foundations up to DPC (damp proof course).
Installed internal drainage outlets.
Ground floor installed by Tarmac.

Project team on site

Staff and labour on site consist of:
Building Manager 1
Groundworkers 2  
Groundworker Bricklayers 3
Tarmac flooring installers 4
Crane 1

Products and Services installed this week

Tarmac Heatsave Plus


Photos from Week 2 of Build

See photos of the site.

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Did you know?</h3>
Fact 37</p>
A timber frame house will need air conditioning approximately 20 years before a concrete building.<br>
Source:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.tarmachomesproject.co.uk/why_masonry/benefits_of_thermal_mass/whole_life_performance_research.aspx">
Whole Life Performance Research by the Concrete Centre </a>