Weeks 21, 22 and 23

8 June 2009



Sunroom at week 23 of the Tarmac Homes project

Week 20 - 18th May

Plumber first fixed the Code 6 property, mastic pointing was completed also to the Code 6 property and joiners fitted windowboards and constructed the pipe boxings.

In the Code 4 property the structure was sealed ready for the air tightness test. Nuaire installed the ducting for the ventilation system to both properties. 

Week 21 – 25 May

Joiners completed the insulation and studwork to the sunroom walls and sloping ceiling, windows were fitted to the 1st floor section of the sunroom and electrician’s wired the Code 6 property. The structure was sealed ready for the air tightness test.

Week 22 – 1st June

Plasterers have boarded, dabbed and skimmed the Code 4 property and the groundworker’s bricklayers have completed the splash brickwork to the extended boiler store.



Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 2
Plasterer - 1
Window Fitters - 3
Plumber - 1 
Electrician - 2
Mastic worker - 1
Groundworker’s Bricklayers – 2

Safety Manager Visits / Audits

Martin Grant Health & Safety Manager visited site on Wednesday 3rd June, no issues were raised and paperwork was found to be in order. See the full report in News.

Products and Services installed this week

Window boards
Pipe boxings
Nuaire ventilation system
Splash brickwork to the extended boiler store


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