Weeks 19 and 20

18 May 2009


Joiners have installed the matchboarding to the overhanging section of the Code 4 roof and the front doors have been fitted to both properties. Scaffolders finished adapting the scaffold for the render and the plumber has installed the rainwater pipes.

Externally windows have been fitted to the Code 6 property (except the 1st floor sunroom windows) and mastic pointing has been carried out to the Code 4 windows and the matchboarding to the overhanging section of the Code 4 roof has been decorated. Groundworkers have extended the foundation for the boiler store and concreted the oversite.

Internally the Code 4 windows have been mastic pointed and the first floor ceiling boarded and taped, in the Code 6 property the plumber has installed the first fix pipework.



Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 3
Plasterer - 1
Window Fitters - 3
Plumber - 1 
Mastic worker - 1
Groundworker - 1 

Products and Services installed this week

Front doors and some windows 
Rainwater pipes
First fix pipe work
Mastic pointing


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