Weeks 17 and 18

1 May 2009


Works are currently around two weeks ahead in the the build programme.  See Visit the site to see the dates of the next sites visits.

During week 16, the PV panels were installed and the roof tiling completed.  The Upvc windows were installed in the Code 4 property.

Internally, in the Code 4 Plot the joiners have finished the first fix, the plasterer has completed the parge coat to the external walls and the plumber has installed all the first fix plumbing.

Internally in the Code 6 property the joiners have installed all the stud partitions.

During week 17 the scaffold has been removed to the Code 4 property and adapted on the Code 6 ready for the insulated render system to be installed.

Internally in the Code 4 property has been first fixed by the electrician.  

During week 18, the plumber will be installing rainwater pipes.  As temporary rainwater drops are needed the radiator position in the Code 4 kitchen will be altered.  The joiners have booked to fix matchboarding to the roof overhang on the Code 4 property and the plasterer has been booked to board and tape the 1st floor ceiling to the Code 4 property. Joiners will fit front doors to both properties.



Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Joiners – 3
Roof tilers - 2
Plasterer - 3
Window Fitters - 3
Plumber - 1
Electrician - 2

Products and Services installed this week

Upvc windows
Stud partitions


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