Week 16

17 April 2009


The roof has progressed as far as possible until the PV panels are fitted on 21 April.

Internally, the Code 4 property has been first fixed by the joiners and the plasterer is progressing the parge coat on the external walls.

In the Code 6 property, stairs have been fitted and first floor screed with Tarmac Truflow screed, the plasterer has boarded the first floor ceiling – ready for early air tests to be carried out once the windows and doors are fitted. 

Also during week 16, the windows and doors to Code 4 property will be installed, complete with electrical and plumbing first fixes to the Code 4 Plot.   The solar PV panels to roof and roof tiling will be completed.  The first fix joinery to the Code 6 property is progressing.

Project team on site

Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager
Forklift Driver - 1 (shared with another nearby Lovell scheme)
Screeders - 2
Joiners – 2
Painter - 2
Roof tilers - 2
Plasterer - 2

Products and Services installed this week

Tarmac Truflow screed


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Fact 15

…and reduced in-use energy consumption

The thermal mass properties of concrete help even out daily and seasonal temperature swings, making indoor spaces more comfortable without having to resort to air conditioning. This saves both energy and money, not to mention maintenance bills.

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