Simon Moore

photo of Simon MooreSimon is a Senior Buyer at Lovell Partnerships.  After graduating, Simon joined Tarmac Contract Housing in November 1996. A couple of years later the business was re-branded as Carillion Contract Housing.  He transferred to Lovell in August 2001 following the acquisition of Carillion Contract Housing.  Simon achieved a BSc (Hons) in Construction from Sheffield Hallam University.

What is your main role in the project?
Procurement of building materials.

What are you looking forward to?
Seeing how all the individual components come together to contribute towards the achieving the respective Code 4 & 6 levels.

What are you most nervous about throughout the project?
A statement that relatively standard and possibly widely available components and processes can be utilised to achieve codes 4 & 6.

What do you think you’ll learn by being involved?
Greater awareness of product groups that I am not familiar with prior to the contract.

Personal Info

Town where you live?
A sleepy Leicestershire village called Kirkby Mallory! Home to Mallory Park where around 40,000 international motocross fans descend, over a weekend in May.
Who you live with?
My wife (Karen), our son (Samuel) and Samuel's first pet (Freddie the Goldfish). 

Mountain biking, Walking, support Leicester Tigers.

What you like to do at the weekend?
Mountain Biking, walking, supporting Leicester Tigers and time / days out with the family.

Any other info that you think sums you up (eg, which football team you support) or a claim to fame or a little known fact about you)?
Played 5 – a – side football against Dean Richards (ex-Leicester Tigers and England No.8) – yes he was as physical at football as he was at Rugby!

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Fact 27

44% of people believe that in 2020 being energy efficient will be as important to the masses as health issues.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008