John Shuttleworth

Photo of John ShuttleworthJohn Shuttleworth is an Operation Manager for Lovell.  John started his working career as a site-based carpenter. He progressed through Site management with the likes of McAlpine and Tarmac before joining Lovell.  As Operation Manager, John has responsibility for Construction within the south of Lovell Eastern region.

What is your main role in the project?

Project management responsibilities and overall management of the Lovell build team.

What are you looking forward to?

A good working relationship, a successful project, achieving our goals and learning what other builders don’t know.

What are you most nervous about throughout the project? 
I have every faith will meet our goals (but will be happy when we meet the air tightness marks and sound tests).

Why do you think this project is valuable?
It is the path we need to go down and the future for our businesses.

What do you think you’ll learn by being involved?
How to build to the standard to meet code 6 not in a controlled environment but as a site environment.

Personal Info

Town where you live?
West Bromwich, Birmingham.

Who you live with?
My wife, Hilary.

Any children? Pets?

One son 27 who lives with his girlfriend. We lost our Boxer dog Millie at Christmas and my wife has a horse called Jingle who is 12.

Member of a golf club and sail a Laser at our local sailing club.

What you like to do at the weekend?
See previous answers & also see how the Albion are doing.

Any other info that you think sums you up (eg, which football team you support) or a claim to fame or a little known fact about you)?
Claim to fame - I have photos at home of me with Freddie Mercury, Rodger Taylor & Brian May along with autographs.

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Fact 3

During its lifetime Precast concrete will effectively re-absorb much of the carbon dioxide that was used to create it in the first place. Precast units, aggregate blocks and aircrete will ultimately re-absorb the CO2 used to create them.  See more on Tarmac Topfloor for information on staircases used in the house build.