Jef Todd

photo of Jef ToddJef Todd is an Associate Director of BSP Consulting, the Engineering Consultancy that we chose to work with for the Tarmac Homes project.  Jef has spent 21 years in the Civil Engineering industry and has the following qualifications: EngTech, TMICE, HNC in Civil Engineering, HNC in Building.

What is your main role in the project?
BSP are a Civil Engineering consultancy so I've been co-ordinating the Civil Engineering side of the project on behalf of Lovell and Tarmac.

What are you looking forward to?
Being able to provide affordable sustainable homes for the future.

What are you most nervous about throughout the project?
Delivering the project on time and on budget to the satisfaction of the client. We aim to please!

Why do you think this project is valuable?

It will challenge some of the current thinking on sustainable housing and should show that masonry construction can provide cost-effective, energy efficient homes. The houses have been designed to allay the popular myth that sustainable homes can only be built in timber frames. The project aims to prove that it’s possible to use relatively standard techniques and materials – and still achieve a high level of sustainability.

What do you think you’ll learn by being involved?

The relationship between the project team and the construction team is the key to making new technologies and new construction methods work.

Personal Info

Town where you live?

I live in a small village in Leicestershire, near the border with Nottinghamshire. It’s called Nether Broughton. Its nearest town is Melton Mowbray (famous for its Pork Pies).

Who you live with?
My partner Lisa and our dog Wiggle (so-named before we had him! Just image the looks I get when I call Wiggle to heel!).

Any pets?

Apart from Wiggle, we share the house with a cat, who treats the place like a hotel and hates me. I don’t even acknowledge its name…referring to it as ‘cat’.


I love outdoor activities. Horse riding and shooting are my two favourites.

What you like to do at the weekend?

Apart from enjoying outdoor pursuits, I like to relax after a busy week at work.

Any other info that you think sums you up (eg, which football team you support) or a claim to fame or a little known fact about you)?

I once spent a weekend in a cage in the centre of Cambridge for Amnesty International.

See more information on BSP Consulting.

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64% of people would like all waste heat (i.e.from lighting, water etc) recovered from the homeand used to heat hot water by 2050.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008