Meet the Project Team

Ian Gray and one of the Lovell team discussing a wall

We would like to introduce you to the team responsible for this project. Again, as the build progresses, we'll update the website with who is working on the build site at the time. 

Project Management
Phil Sabin - Tarmac - Business Development Manager
Dr Mark Gillott - University of Nottingham - Associate Professor
John Shuttleworth - Lovell - Operations Manager

Site Management
Andy Berwick - Lovell - Build Manager

Technical Specialists
Ian Gray - Tarmac - Technical Manager
James Willcox - Lovell - Development Co-ordinator
Asif Din - Zedfactory - Architect
Jef Todd - BSP Consulting - Civil Engineering
Amanda Stevens - MPBA - Code Assessors

Sam Thompson - Lovell - Quantity Surveyor
Simon Moore - Lovell - Senior Buyer

Angela Griffin - Tarmac - Product Manager

Ask the project team a question through our Tarmac Homes project blog.

We believe we've got a great team working on this project. If you have any questions, just email us at

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Fact 10

The versatility of concrete can be seen in its application as a carrying medium for heating or cooling, whether this is via air or fluids.  The hollow cores in precast concrete floors can be used or pipes can be cast into slabs.  The concrete surface radiates very effectively, enables space to be used without the hindrance of radiators and protects the heating or cooling system within.

See more on the Thermal Mass properties of concrete within Why Masonry?