Asif Din BA(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA

Photo of Asif DinAsif is a Director of Zedfactory Ltd.   Asif achieved his degree from Nottingham University and Deakin University Australia. He has a Diploma from Oxford Brookes and Virginia Tech USA and finally finished off at Southbank University to get his professional qualification as an architect.  

Asif studied energy efficient building with Robert and Brenda Vale and Sue Roaf before joining ZEDfactory. He has also worked with a range of research groups including Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) and Mobile Architecture and Building Environmental Laboratory (MABEL).

At ZEDfactory Asif was employed to detail BedZED and since then has been involved on a range of projects from SkyZED to Jubilee Wharf which he was site architect for in Penryn in Cornwall. He is also involved in ZEDproducts development such as the wind cowl and has undertook academic lecturing and teaching at various academic institutions from Deakin University in Australia to University of East London. He has previously worked for T P Bennet Partnership on a wide range of commercial projects prior to his diploma course.

What is your main role in the project?
Architectural design and specification.

What are you looking forward to?
Proving that Code for sustainable homes is with in reach for every housebuilder without resorting to off site lightweight construction. 

What are you most nervous about throughout the project?
Meeting Code 6 will certainly be a challenge but it's one that I think will be achievable.

Why do you think this project is valuable?
The industry does not want a wholly differing approach these houses will prove that using traditional building techniques with minor innovation the house industry can move across to low energy buildings as a standard build. 

What do you think you’ll learn by being involved?
How economic factors change in a building and by specifying one item what on costs this has for the elements around it to create a zero energy building whole.

Personal Info

Town where you live?
Camberwell, London

Who you live with?
Crazily I live in a house share with 10 others! There are thankfully 3 bathrooms so there is not too much arguing!

Any children? Pets?
The shared house pet, a cat called Maggie 

Lately someone in the house got a Wii and well that has proved to be a black hole time wise for me but it helps get rid of the frustrations of the day playing the boxing game!

What you like to do at the weekend?
Unfortunately the week end is chewed up doing washing, shopping but I do like to spend some proper time cooking rather than the usual eat and run of the week

Any other info that you think sums you up (eg, which football team you support) or a claim to fame or a little known fact about you)?
I support Leicester City, where I was brought up, they are doing better this season in the lower leagues after a few torrid years of falling from the heights of the premier league. We were top of the premier league once (it was for two days!).

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Personal carbon emissions – the emissionswe all produce from our homes and ourtravel – account for around 43% of theUK total, or around 235 million tonnesof CO2 (MtCO2) a year.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008