First floor (Code 6 home) – Tarmac Truflow screed

Tarmac Truflow screed being laid Tarmac were the first company to offer anhydrite flowing screed in the UK. An innovative product delivering quality, speed and versatility, it can be easily laid between 10 to 20 times faster than conventional screed and can be foot trafficked within 36 hours. 

Truflow is a pumpable, self-smoothing floor screed. Highly versatile, it can be used over thermal or sound insulation and electrical services, provide a level surface for floor coverings and tiles, and is ideal for use with most underfloor heating systems.  This screed can be laid quickly, yet still delivers high flexural strength. As always, quality is crucial. So Truflow is factory produced and only ever laid by Tarmac Truflow-approved contractors who have completed our thorough training programme.

Further information

Open the Truflow Brochure (pdf, 71kb)or see more information on the Tarmac website (new window).

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Over 60 years, a concrete and masonry home emits up to 15 tonnes less CO² than a lightweight alternative, so providing a better long term solution.  See more benefits of concrete in Why Masonry?