First floor (Code 6 home) – Tarmac Hollowcore

Tarmac Hollowcore flooringThe first floor of the Code 6 home has been constructed using precast, prestressed hollowcore floor slabs.

The composite solid plank flooring system offers the structural versatility of an insitu slab with all the advantages of a pre-cast floor. It can span greater distances without propping, increasing the size of the basic structural grid.

Tarmac offer a complete design, technical support and on-site installation service, with experienced employees on hand to help with difficult applications and tight programmes.

Hollowcore is quick to install and has good sound insulation and fire resistance with a very low natural frequency or ‘floor bounce’. In this home the hollowcore has been used to add thermal mass thereby contributing to the thermal performance of the dwelling. In order to do this the soffit of the slabs has been left as a self finish. The upper surface has a 40mm Tarmac Truflow screed. Truflow is an anhydrite, pumpable, self-smoothing floor screed.

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Thermal Mass
Truflow screed

Further information

Open the technical information (pdf, 929kb) or see more information on the Tarmac website (new window).

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With pressure from clients, specifiers and environmentalists to account for all stages in the life cycle of construction products, the masonry industry is moving forward on responsible sourcing and addressing the issue of sustainable procurement.  There is a certified chain of custody scheme.  This will mean that sustainably-produced products can gain ‘responsibly sourced materials credits’, which are set to become commonly used in the construction industry.

See the more information on the Code for Sustainable Homes