Products that are unique to Code 6 home

We have taken this opportunity to demonstrate two construction methods.  In terms of the construction of the superstructure, the main differences are in the wall construction, first floor construction, internal finishes, the windows and the MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery).
The Code 6 home is constructed using a solid wall with external insulation, a precast concrete first floor, timber framed windows and a passive ventilation and heat recovery system.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR) 

The Wind cowl provides the ventilation and heat recovery in the Code 6 home. The passive heat recovery ventilation system supplies and extracts air to and from the home to maintain good air quality whilst minimising heat loss. The cowl works like an active ventilation system in that it has dedicated inlet and outlet ducts and a heat recovery system, but instead of using electrical fans to drive the air flow it uses the wind to create both positive pressure at the inlet and negative pressure at the outlet ensuring a throughput of air for no electrical input.


The glazing on the south elevation is shaded from summer time solar gains by a large overhang to the roof at first floor level and by a canopy on the ground floor. The south elevation is designed with a sun space to buffer and shade solar gains in the summer months and to capture the sun in the winter when it’s at a low angle in the sky.

Foundations - Durox blocks
Superstructure - Durox blocks
Party wall - internal finishes
Superstructure - external insulation and render
First floor - Hollowcore
First floor - Truflow screed
Ventilation & Heat Recovery
Solar PV Panels

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Fact 41

Solar hot water panels can provide 60% - 70% of your annual hot water needs.
Source: Self Build ABC