Windows (Code 6 home)

Image of Nordic Pine windows for Code 6 homeThe glazing has been designed to predominately face the south so that the dwelling can utilize passive solar gains in the winter months.

The windows are softwood casement frames with 16mm soft coat low e, argon filled glazing. They have a U-value of 1.50 W/m2K and a BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) window rating band “A”. The south elevation is designed with a sun space to buffer and shade solar gains in the summer months and to capture the sun in the winter when it’s at a low angle in the sky.

The window in the Code 6 home is manufactured from laminated pine profiles specially developed for use in high performance external joinery products. These “Euro Laminated Scantlings” carry product certification from the accredited state laboratory ZLIN and are produced under a CSN ISO9002 approved Quality System.
The material is pre treated in a controlled industrial environment to prolong its life and protect against fungal decay and insect attack. Protim – one of the worlds leading suppliers to the timber pretreatment industry, supplies the solvent-based wood preservative. It has been developed specially for the treatment of joinery products and is highly effective against woodboring insects and wet rot fungi without causing warping or twisting of timber.  Three coats of a Sikkens translucent water borne paint are factory applied by spray. The paint gives excellent adhesion and weather resistance.

The double glazed unit is a 24mm Argon filled unit constructed to the highest standards to provide long life and thermal advantage over air filled units. Testing has shown that the adhesion provided by the tape is adequate to resist intrusion in line with the requirements of BS7950 (BSI PC PAS 011: 1994 Improved security performance of domestic windows. Method of Test and Assessment)

This glazing system has been approved by the BBA. Ref. BBA Agrement Certificate No. 95/3199. 

Further information

Open the Code 6 Windows (235.50KB) or see more information on the Munster Joinery website (new window).

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62% of people would like a home where it is only necessary to heat it for a few days a year due to the high standard of insulation used.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008