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Image of the passive ventilation and heat recovery system The ZEDfabric Wind Cowl passive heat recovery ventilation system supplies and extracts air to and from a building to maintain good air quality whilst minimising heat loss.

The wind cowl works like an active ventilation system in that it has dedicated inlet and outlet ducts and a heat recovery system, but instead of using electrical fans to drive the air flow it uses the wind to create both positive pressure at the inlet and negative pressure at the outlet ensuring a throughput of air for no electrical input.

The heat recovery system used is 70% efficient. At an average windspeed of 4m/s in London, depending on the external temperature, the flowrate of the Wind Cowl is between 50-70 litres per second. Each wind cowl unit provides natural ventilation for 350m3 volume of air at 60l/s. In low wind conditions it will continue to produce reasonable ventilation levels through stack effect.

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