Code 4 first floor - timber floor

The first floor of the Code 4 home has been constructed using 220mm deep timber I-joists from Finnforest at 400mm centres. They comprise a timber flange, typically solid timber or LVL (laminated veneer lumber) and a panel product web, usually OSB (oriented strand board). The floor is finished with 22mm tongue and groove chipboard and 12.5mm plasterboard to the underside. 100mm of mineral quilt is laid between the joists to achieve the sound insulation required by Approved Document E.

They offer a number of benefits over traditional sawn joists, including low weight, no moisture movement and greatly reduced risk of squeaks. The floor specified in the Code 4 home is 220mm deep timber I-joists from Finnforest at 400mm centres. The floors have been designed and supplied by Cox Long, part of the Walker Timber Group.

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More and more home premises in the UK are being built to exacting environmental standards, such as BREEAM, and so specifiers need to be confident about the products they select.  Many UK masonry manufacturers have had their product ranges checked by independent assessors to certify environmental performance – many achieve the highest rating of A or A+.

See the more information on the Code for Sustainable Homes