Foundation blocks – Durox Supabloc (Code 4 home)

A 100mm Durox Supabloc (620mm long) has also been used as the inner leaf of the cavity wall where the wall changes to a cavity wall below the dpc (Code 4 house only).  Both Durox products are suitable for use in sulfate soil conditions up to and including DS2.

620 long x 100 wide x 215 high - Durox Foundation blocks are used below DPC for the inner leaf of the cavity wall. Can be used in sulfate conditions not exceeding DS-2. Blocks used in this project have a unit weight of 6.3 kg and a compressive strength of 3.6 N/mm2. 




Further information

Open the Durox Supabloc information (pdf, 1029kb) or see more information on the Tarmac website (new window). 

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The thermal mass properties of concrete help even out daily and seasonal temperature swings, making indoor spaces more comfortable without having to resort to air conditioning. This saves both energy and money, not to mention maintenance bills.

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