Products that are unique to Code 4 home

The following products are ones that are unique to the Code 4 home.  They are in addition to the products listed for 'both homes'.

We have taken this opportunity to demonstrate 2 construction methods.  In terms of the construction of the superstructure, the main differences are in the wall construction, first floor construction, internal finishes, the windows and the MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery).
The Code 4 home is constructed using a cavity wall, a timber first floor, u-PVC windows and a MVHR.

More detail will be added to each of the sections as the homes are being built.

Foundations - Durox Supabloc
Superstructure - Hemelite Blocks
Party wall - internal finishes
Superstructure - outer leaf bricks
Superstructure - plasterboard dry lining
Superstructure - cavity insulation
First floor - timber floor
First floor - insulation
Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

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Fact 15

…and reduced in-use energy consumption

The thermal mass properties of concrete help even out daily and seasonal temperature swings, making indoor spaces more comfortable without having to resort to air conditioning. This saves both energy and money, not to mention maintenance bills.

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