Sun pipes

Both homes have been specified to incorporate a sun pipe. The ones used in this project are Monodraught Square SunPipes. There is virtually no limit to the length of SunPipe or number of bends that can be used and the SunPipe can twist and turn easily to take natural light to exactly where you want it. The Monodraught Square SunPipe is available in 4 sizes, 230mm, 300mm, 450mm & 530mm.

Sunpipes have been incorporated into the roof structure to provide daylight to the internal stairwells. A super reflective tube extends through adjustable bends and has an internal mirror finish that intensifies and reflects natural daylight delivering free outdoor light to a room or area below. The light is spread evenly by the recessed SunPipe diffuser, without glare and eliminating heat transfer. The Monodraught Square SunPipe used in this project has been specifically developed to provide an unobtrusive termination for any roof finish.

See more information on the Monodraught website (new window).

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Fact 37</p>
A timber frame house will need air conditioning approximately 20 years before a concrete building.<br>
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Whole Life Performance Research by the Concrete Centre </a>