Party Wall Blocks – Hemelite

Hemelite Lightweight blocksThe party wall between the two dwellings is constructed from 2 x 100mm leaves of Tarmac Hemelite lightweight aggregate blocks (density 1360 kg/m3) and a 100mm clear tied cavity (it is likely that we will include either a partial or full fill material in the cavity). The internal finish to the Code 4 side of the wall is 12.5mm plasterboard drylining on 8mm nominal parging coat. On the Code 6 side of the wall the finish will be 13mm lightweight gypsum plaster.

The acoustic performance of the separating wall is anticipated to achieve 53 dB D nTw + Ctr, gaining 4 credits. A pre completion acoustic test will be carried out to benchmark the performance of the wall insitu.

Hemelite lightweight aggregate blocks are suitable for use in walls above and below ground and in block and beam floors. They have a proven high level of technical performance.

Read more on the Tarmac Topblock Hemelite lightweight block (new window).

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If zerocarbon standards were adopted across the UK they would avoid emissions of 26 MtCO2 compared with continuing to build to 2006 standards. This is why it is imperative that we make sure that builders and suppliers know what is needed and how it may be achieved as they plan construction.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008