Tarmac ready-to-use mortar

photo of mortar, trowell and limes Tarmac ready-to-use mortars are manufactured to BS EN 998-2: 2003. Factory produced mortar from Tarmac ensures consistent quality time after time. Our mortar can be delivered by truck mixer, tipper, skip or in bulk bags, whichever suits the requirements of each project.

The mortar arrives on site retarded by a minimum of 36 hours and up to 72 hours for weekend use increasing the working life of the product and offering greater flexibility to your project. However the Chromium VI content is still reduced in line with European directives maintaining full compliance to mortar legislation. All Tarmac mortars use lime in their mixture resulting in the finest mortar available on the market.

Further information

Open the mortars brochure (pdf, 219kb) or see more information on the Tarmac website (new window).

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Did you know?

Fact 11

Protects against fire

Concrete is fireproof. It protects against the spread of fire between rooms or properties and it cannot catch fire, burn or drip molten particles. In tests, concrete performs consistently well in fire, often requiring only minor repairs to make good.

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