Foundations – Tarmac Low Carbon Concrete


Tarmac Low Carbobn Concrete being installed

A 600mm wide x 300mm deep strip foundation using Tarmac Low Carbon Concrete (LCC) has been used for both houses. This concrete has been specifically developed to reduce the carbon footprint – by up to 50% compared to traditional concrete. Produced in a range of grades it is suitable for use in footings, oversite slabs, mass filling and kerb backing.

It is a sustainable concrete and one which meets the tough criteria set down by the NHBC. 

Further information

Open the Tarmac Low Carbon Concrete Brochure (pdf, 1.9mb)


see more information on Tarmac Low Carbon Concrete on the Tarmac website

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Fact 10

The versatility of concrete can be seen in its application as a carrying medium for heating or cooling, whether this is via air or fluids.  The hollow cores in precast concrete floors can be used or pipes can be cast into slabs.  The concrete surface radiates very effectively, enables space to be used without the hindrance of radiators and protects the heating or cooling system within.

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