Foundations – Durox Foundation blocks (both homes)

The wall below damp proof course (dpc) is formed using 350mm (wide) by 310mm (long) Durox Foundation blocks. These blocks are a recent introduction into the Durox aircrete range and cater for wide wall constructions offering a block that is easy to handle (11.4 kg unit weight) on site whilst providing perimeter insulation.

Tarmac Durox (310 long x 350 wide x 215 high).

A single layer of foundation blocks using Durox, an aircrete block from Tarmac. Aircrete is a modern construction material with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. It is a versatile material which is able to provide solutions in many applications. Used below DPC in solid walls, these blocks replace traditional inner and outer leaves, wall ties and concrete cavity fill. They can halve construction time and, as the wall stabilises soon after laying, stop cavities collapsing.

Read more information on Tarmac Topblock Durox Foundation (new window).

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Did you know?

Fact 4

Over 60 years, a concrete and masonry home emits up to 15 tonnes less CO² than a lightweight alternative, so providing a better long term solution.  See more benefits of concrete in Why Masonry?