External Path - Decorative aggregates

The external path is comprised of 10mm gravel. This has been sourced from a Tarmac quarry local to the project site. The use of this material means that water will drain quickly through to the natural drainage system.

With over 3.2 billion tonnes of quarry reserves worldwide, Tarmac is a global leader in the extraction and processing of crushed rock aggregate. In the UK alone, we produce in excess of 42 million tonnes of aggregate each year. Tarmac’s recycling division currently produces around 2 million tonnes of recycled aggregate a year and we're one of the only UK recycling specialists with national coverage. Tarmac Recycling provides a range of quality recycled aggregate products and waste management services to help satisfy the principles of sustainable construction. Tarmac's Sustainable materials include sustainable, recycled and manufactured aggregates, landfill, restoration and composting.

See more information on aggregates or recycled aggregates on the Tarmac website.  For decorative and building aggregates see the Tarmac Trupak website.

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By 2050, 56% of people want cars to be very low carbon and powered by fuel cells or electricity.
Source: Energy Saving Trust 2008