External doors

Pressure to contain and reduce property maintenance costs has resulted in an ever increasing requirement on the part of housing associations and local authorities for the benefits of high performance doors. Research by Huddersfield University shows that residents living in SBD (Secured by Design) developments experience between 54% and 67% less crime.

The external doors used on both properties are composite construction (steel and wood) and highly insulated. They are compliant with Secured by Design and Ecohomes standards.

The external doors used are fully compliant with the requirements of changing building industry legislation - Part L and Part M - as well as meeting the Police Preferred Specification as embodied in the Secured by Design scheme. These doors fully comply with PAS 23 and PAS 24.

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Did you know?

Fact 9

Concrete can be dense or lightweight and this choice affects its thermal behaviour. In either case, concrete can act as a thermal sink or as an insulator. In some buildings you can see masonry concrete doing both.

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