Products common to both homes

The following products are ones that are to both homes in this project.  They are in addition to the products that have been listed as unique to each home.

We have taken this opportunity to demonstrate 2 construction methods.  In terms of the construction of the superstructure, the main differences are in the wall construction, first floor construction, internal finishes, the windows and the MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery).

In the substructure, the basic foundations are the same but a modification has been made on each side to account for the different construction methods above DPC (damp proof course).

More detail will be added to each of the sections as the homes are being built.

1 – Foundations – Tarmac Low Carbon Concrete
2 – Foundations – Durox Foundation blocks (both homes)
3 – Ground floor - Tarmac Heatsave Plus
4 – Ground floor (concrete topping) – Tarmac Topflow HZ
5 – Parking area - TarmacDry
6 – Party Wall Blocks – Hemelite
7 – Bricks – Boiler housing
8 – Biomass boilers 
9 – Solar thermal panels 
10 – Rainwater collection (waterbutts, storage tank)
11– Sun pipes
12– External doors
13 – Kitchen appliances
14 – Stairs
15 – Roof
16 – Roof tiles
17 – Roof insulation
18 - External Path - aggregates
19 - Superstructure - mortar


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Fact 5

More and more home premises in the UK are being built to exacting environmental standards, such as BREEAM, and so specifiers need to be confident about the products they select.  Many UK masonry manufacturers have had their product ranges checked by independent assessors to certify environmental performance – many achieve the highest rating of A or A+.

See the more information on the Code for Sustainable Homes