Biomass boilers


Heat in both homes is generated from a shared 10Kw biomass boiler that is individually controlled and monitored for each home. Producing energy from wood pellets has both environmental and economic advantages.

The 10Kw biomass boiler will be housed in an external boiler housing meaning it can be accessed by a third party maintenance partner. The boiler will be fed via vacuum tubing hidden underground. A 4.5 tonne pellet store should provide enough energy to heat both homes for a year! Fuel will be delivered via tanker and can be delivered with no intervention from the residents. Organic Energy also guarantee fuel supply to their boilers.

The Code for Sustainable Homes looks favourably on biomass as the SAP calculations give a high rating for the reduced CO2 emissions. The boiler chosen here would serve up to 6 houses of this size. Alternatives are available like ground (or air) source heat pumps, and micro CHP based on a gas boiler (a technology currently being developed for the domestic market). 

Producing energy from wood pellets has both environmental and economic advantages. Although biomass produces CO2 it only releases the same amount that it absorbed whilst growing, which is why it is considered to be carbon neutral. Furthermore, biomass can contribute to waste management by harnessing energy from products that are often disposed of at landfill sites.

We have decided to replicate a district heating scheme for social housing where the pellet supply and maintenance would be part of the rental agreement.

The boiler will be housed in an external boiler housing. The boiler housing will be fire proofed appropriately. 

Our boiler has been supplied by Organic Energy (the UK distributor for Okofen).

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Solar hot water panels can provide 60% - 70% of your annual hot water needs.
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